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Connecting Your Customers to North Idaho's Finest Products

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Helping you differentiate yourself to your customers and clients.

The Inland Northwest is one of the most beautiful places in the world.  It offers unique experiences and products and is home to some of the best in vacation rentals and hospitality products.  What better way to leave your customers and clients with a smile than giving them a sampling of the very best North Idaho has to offer.  Check out our hospitality boxes and see how we can offer you an opportunity for repeat customers and more positive reviews for your business.

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Locally-Sourced Products

Repeat Customers

Helping You Stand Out

Hassle-Free Delivery

What's Cooking

Our Most Popular Products

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Inland Northwest Collection


Lake Coeur d'Alene Box

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North Idaho Box


Local Ingredients Make the Difference

Healthy ingredients are like wildflowers- sometimes difficult to find but appreciated and adored by everyone.  Looking for a unique way to stand out and encourage repeat customers?  Maybe you're hosting a BBQ or Family Reunion that requires something special.  Now you can choose from the region's very best products for your clients without having to leave your house or office.

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